Today and Tomorrow III


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Today and Tomorrow III

This is the third volume of devotions initially found in the pages of the daily devotional, THE BAPTIST BREAD. I would like to have used the words of our Lord in Luke 13:32; “…to day and to morrow, and the third day…” but thought it a little presumptuous on my part, especially the next four words; “…I shall be perfect- ed.” Those of you that know me well, know I am a long way from perfection!

Today and Tomorrow III is the third o ering of what will even- tually be a quartet of devotionals from my hand. In verse 33 of Luke 13 is the statement; “…the day following:…” thus one more to come is my committed hope and earnest expectation.

Today and Tomorrow is an hopeful entreaty to read it today and look forward to another tale of encouragement, reproof or spiri- tual impetus for

– The Author


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