Thanksgiving 2014

Dear Pastor & friends,
In the early dawn of Christ’s ministry on earth He was baptized and soon after tempted of Satan. Matthew and Luke both report that Jesus was Spirit-led to this conflict, while Mark says He was driven to this dynamic confrontation. Perhaps this speaks to His divinity and humanity, thus making Him both Son of God and Son of man. I also noticed that according to Luke, Jesus’ temptation was of forty days duration along with the fasting. However, on the completion of the diabolical trial Jesus Christ preached the greatest message on human conduct ever recorded—The Sermon on the Mount.
It is apparent in life that all of us experience peaks and valleys, highs and lows, glad days and sad hours. The days of difficulty should not be the cause for spiritual defeat and disillusionment, but anticipatory of what God is going to do with us next. If one can stay faithful and be true in the depths, victories will come on the mountains. The darkest night often turns into the brightest of days! Remember, God is still in control and He who sits on Heaven’s throne loves you!
I have enjoyed spiritually and endured physically my busiest autumn in the 21st Century. The meetings have been blessed and the travel has been exhausting. Can you imagine a sixty-five year old, silver-haired, limping evangelist running through Charles De Gaulle airport!? I never did jump over anything but I did duck a few guide ropes! I made my plane but my luggage went to Washington, D.C., God only knows what those guys did with it! December is even booked solid this year and January ‘cranks up’ as usual. Glory to God!
Sandy joins me in thanking you dear folk for your faithful prayers and support. May the warm blessings of God be with you and your families this Thanksgiving season is our prayer.

Your companion in grace,
Tim Green