June 21, 2024


Dear Pastor & friends,


I just got home from preaching in two meetings in two churches in Georgia and Tennessee border towns.  One blessed event was the surrender of a young couple to go to Laos as missionaries.  The wife is Laotian and her pastor husband told me the decision was mutual and much anticipated.  Thank God He is still sending men and women to the nations of the world.  His Word and His men can effectively reach people with His Gospel.  This old world is definitely in need of God’s saving grace!  By the way, I am home for just twenty-four hours and off to Florida and Michigan to close out the month of June!  Yes, I am tired…hey, I’ve never been this old before!


I am so grateful for those who help us monthly, bi-monthly or whenever they can, I consider your gifts as from the hand of our dear Lord.  I am burdened for the churches of America and the lethargy of Laodicean proportions that seems to have permeated many congregations since the Covid mess.  May God help us to get back on the firing line for our Lord in these last days.


My prayers are with the ministries and individuals that stand with me in the work of the Lord.  May God bless you all abundantly.



In Christ,



Tim Green