September 30, 2017

Dear Pastor & friends,
I think this has been the most pleasant September I have ever spent and I have been in 69 of them. Yes, that makes me sixty-eight! Hey, I figured it out three times! The Lord had me traveling to northern Alberta to preach, Chicago, Indiana and Ohio to do the same. God has been and always will be good! I will be in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Tennessee in the coming month. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Our poor nation has struggled in recent days with hurricanes, forest fires, unpatriotic football players and I am sure much more than I have been made aware of. I thought about how Tim Tebow was vilified for kneeling and acknowledging God and these scoundrels are applauded (by some) for disgracing our national anthem, desecrating the honor of men who died and served for our freedoms and demeaned our flag by their disrespect. May God soon send His Son to rapture His saints and to wreak His judgment on the heathen nations of the world, of which we may be the worst. We don’t employ the false worship of a false god, but display a false worship of the true God! God help us!!
Sandy and I really appreciate and are so grateful for all of you who have stood with us over the years. In the last three we have faced the most serious health issues of our lives together and only God knows how much all of you have meant to us. Hey, we are cancer survivors!!! So far…

With love and praise,

Tim Green