September Twenty Two
Two Thousand Ten

Dear Preacher and friends,

Things were drastically changing in the lives of the Israelites. Their leader had died, enemies were preparing their annihilation, a new land yawned before them, and they had a new “kid” on the block running things. Then the Lord spoke, “…go over this Jordan,…” Standing at the fords of Jordan was no place to put down stake; go forward was God’s wise counsel and His divine design.
You may be at a crossroads in your life or ministry. Perhaps your job has been erased, your future is uncertain, and your present is untenable. Friend, in faith, go forward, “…go over this Jordan,…” Onward and upward is the focus and direction of faith. By the way, soon it will really be “upward” by faith in Him!
I am in Lexington, Kentucky preaching at a fine Bible college, and enjoying the fellowship of the staff and students. Campus life is exciting and noisy! There is hope ahead for these kids by the grace of God. I have enjoyed two blessed meetings this month; one in Arkansas and another in Pennsylvania. I close out the month in Marion, Virginia.
Sandy and I are grateful to the Lord for your loving and loyal support to our home and ministry. You are a vital link in our labors for the Lord. God bless, and I pray for you daily.

His servant and yours,
Tim Green