October 24, 2019


Dear Pastor & friends,

The story of the householder that hired workers for his vineyard well describes those of us that labor for Christ near the end of the age.  Our labors are not in vain and even though we may be involved in the ‘gleanings’ at the end of the day, our reward will be the same penny that other’s received who worked longer and strove faithfully under more trying conditions than we face.  Our God is faithful to always do what is right in regard to His servants.  I, for one, am thankful that; “…for many be called, but few chosen” (Matt. 20:16b).  I am grateful to garner in His fields and for His glory.

October has been jammed full of meetings. Two meetings in Michigan, one in Ohio, another in Arkansas, on to West Virginia and then closing out the month in northern Ohio are my assigned places of service this month.  God has been good and blessed the meetings with decisions for Christ and unknown commitments, to this preacher, but known to the Lord.  I am thankful to be in His service.

As always and with all sincerity, Sandy and I are very appreciative of all of you that support our ministry with your prayers and pocketbooks.  The task I am assigned is daunting, however, your dollars do make a significant difference and I know God blesses you for being a blessing to us.  Things do slow down a little as the holidays approach but I do have Sundays in several states to preach, and look forward to the holidays, as do most of us.


Yours happily in His service,


Tim Green