October Twenty Six
Two Thousand Ten

Dear Pastor and friends,

I receive several letters a month from inmates in prisons across the country. I write them all back, and I guess we have become “pen” pals in more ways than one. Hey, if I have to explain the puns, they aren’t fun! Many of them write about serious Satanic attacks and even physical confrontations with our common enemy- the devil. The only way to defeat him in my opinion is through pleading the precious blood of Jesus Christ against him, resisting him, and submitting to God. My friends, Satanic attacks are not confined to those behind bars. He is after you, your family, and your ministry! May God give you strength, wisdom, and grace to be more than a conqueror in the eternal struggle with evil.
God has blessed in the several meetings of the past weeks, and I rejoice in His faithfulness to me and also for the lessons He allows me to learn about life, the ministry, and more importantly- Him.
Sandy and I are grateful to God for our many friends and constant companions who assist us in our labors for the Lord. A preacher asked me recently if I had any monthly support, and I told him I did and without it I could not do what I do. You are the link that our Lord uses to help us continue on the road to revival. May God richly bless you is my prayer.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green