November 29, 2023



Dear Pastor & friends,



The days of our lives get caught up in the minutiae or mayhem of just living!  By the way, by the time you get this letter you will be approaching the height of the Christmas madness, melancholy or merriment of the Season!  May, ‘God bless ye merry gentlemen’ as the carol invokes in one’s behalf.


November is past and I am traveling to Louisiana, Georgia and Indiana, preaching Sundays and a preacher’s conference while in Cajun Country.  I do pray and ask you to join me in calling on the Lord to bless these services, and send conviction to the wayward saint and conversion to the lost that will find their way to God’s house in December.


Sandy and I are grateful to each church and individual that supports our home and ministry.  To me it is a labor of love; for Christ, for people, for churches and for you.  May God bless you much in the coming days, as we await the New Year and most hopefully, the soon coming of our Lord to Rapture the redeemed Home!



In His care,



Tim Green