November 29, 2021



Dear Pastor & friends,


The days of our lives pass by in fleeting circles of frenzy if not founded on the faith once delivered to the saints!  Our hope is not in the economy improving or some new politician with promises piled as high as the Empire State Building; our hope is based on the solid rock of Christ Jesus!  Our hope should be modeled after Abraham’s; “Who against hope believed in hope…” (Romans 4:18b).  Some of us are more interested in the second term of Trump than the Second Coming of Christ!  Christ’s coming will solve all our problems and Mr. Trump winning another term will just give us a hollow hope and postpone a disaster.


November was a near empty month for me.  I preached the first Sunday close to home and then had a three-day meeting in South Carolina.  I also deer hunted two days in Michigan in about a foot of snow!  It was beautiful but a little chilly and I only saw one deer…a buck, but no luck! (And no, I don’t believe in luck!).  I will be preaching in Louisiana, Georgia and Ohio in meetings in December.  Please Pray!


I thank you for your faithful giving to our ministry and home.  Next month we will be sending our Christmas greeting and the beautiful Lang calendars that have become a small tradition.  God bless you all and may the holiday season morph into a holy time for you, your church and family.


God’s best blessings,



Tim Green