May 25, 2022


Dear Pastor & friends,


In our daily devotional, The Baptist Bread, on this date, is a firm admonition to keep one’s life in balance.  The verse, Ecclesiastes 12:13, reads; “…Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”  Solomon said this is; “…the conclusion of the whole matter.” 


         I fear many of God’s people have failed miserably, trying to juggle the vicissitudes of life with their God-given responsibilities as His redeemed child for all eternity!  Prayer gets replaced by problems, worship and witnessing by worry and work and our testimonies get tattered and torn by television, talk radio and high taxes!  May God help us to know Him, enjoy Him, worship Him and serve Him faithfully.


May took me to Georgia for a revival that was wonderfully blessed and on to my annual trip to preach Mother’s Day in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  A little thing to remember; “The therMOMeter of any home is Mom and Music…just something to think about.”  I also had the rare privilege (as it had never happened before) to preach with my oldest son, Jordan, on the third Sunday of the month.  God is good!  I am in Iowa on this date in a meeting and pray God’s best for you.


Thank you all so much for your help in these days of $4.50 a gallon gas and bags of groceries that weigh less than the dollars spent to buy stuff.  God knows and He cares!


Your brother in the battle,



Tim Green, Evangelist