May 27, 2020


Dear Pastor & friends,


In Daniel 3, the three Hebrew children experienced a trial by fire.  The king’s fury raged against them and they were not careful in their reply and were resolute in their determination to follow God in spite of the circumstances or consequences (see Daniel 3:16-18).  They went in the furnace bound and came out loosed, and were accompanied while in the furnace by a fourth form, that was the Son of God, who it seems stayed there to help others who would experience trials by fire in succeeding centuries.  By the way, in the fourth chapter the king had a mental breakdown that cost him seven years of his life, and did not assuage until he quit questioning God and his reason finally returned (cf. Dan. 4:35-36).


I guess life is slowly coming back to some normalcy and I trust it is so at your place of worship; with a renewed fervency of faith, a desire to win souls and to proclaim from pulpit and pew the old-time religion!  As of this writing I will be preaching in Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Georgia in the next thirty days—I hope and pray!  July and August have stayed booked except for one week in Canada. They have closed that country down to ‘unnecessary’ visitors.


Sandy and I are both very grateful and humbled by churches and individuals faithfully supporting us.  Also, we are thankful for those that recognized our situation and helped with special gifts and offerings—God bless you all!!



Love & prayers,




Tim Green