May 20, 2019


Dear Pastor & friends,

Since my last letter and health report, that was not good, I have endured a three week-plus bout with shingles! If Adam and Eve unleashed this devilish curse into the world with their sin, I’m having words with them “if” they made it to Heaven! I have preached the whole three weeks with this blight and God has blessed in spite of my malady and pain. I pray none of you ever “enjoy” this mess.

I am home until the end of the month and start June in Florida. You’d think I could schedule the “Sunshine” state in the winter. Hey, I even have meetings there in July; my ‘booking agent’ needs to be a little more discerning and conscious of weather conditions. I will be preaching in Alaska in August, so that makes a little more sense.

Seriously, the Lord has blessed in the revivals and good things have been accomplished in the folks’ lives. God is good and little problems just reveal our frailty and His might power. Praise the Lord!

I thank each church and individual for their thoughtful, faithful support of this holy work the Lord has given me to do. I am grateful He put me in the ministry and thankful you help me stay behind the pulpits of the places He sends me. Your prayers and giving are an eternal life-line to the hearts, minds and souls of many. God bless you much is my daily prayer for you all.


Your friend & His servant,


Tim Green

P.S. Please find enclosed another travel opportunity for you and your church family.