May 22, 2017
Dear Pastor & friends,
The past few weeks have been filled with meetings that have truly been blessed of God. The Lord has saved some and revived the churches I have been in to minister. The first Sunday of May I was in Rossville, Georgia; with the vibrantly exciting Bible Baptist Church. While waiting in the lobby between Sunday school and church I noticed a 6’4’’ giant of a young man slip into the auditorium. The thought went through my mind, “There goes a fella that needs some help from God.” Sure enough, during the invitation, down the aisle he came and was saved! And miracle of miracles (now days) he was back Sunday night. He told me he had to work during the week into the evenings (he was a roofer) but he would be back the next Sunday. I trust he was! God is still saving sinners in the churches that are out inviting and witnessing to the lost. Matthew 18:11 may not be in a lot of the perversions, but it is still in the KJV; “”For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.” Luke 14:23 still encourages us to compel folk;”…to come in, that my house may be filled.”
Thankfully, today I had one of my last, if not the last check up in regard to my cancer treatments. I am glad to report all was clear! Thank you much for your prayers for me this year. Please, keep it up!
Sandy and I are very grateful for those of you that faithfully support our home and ministry. God bless each of you richly is my earnest prayer. Please pray also for the busy weeks ahead; for my health and stamina, and that God would send revival and save the lost.
His happy servant,

Tim Green
P.S. Bro. Sammy Allen asked me to include the reminders of the Faith Baptist Camp in Resaca, GA. June 24-30. I will be speaking there some that week.