May 26, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,
I am a voracious reader and am engrossed in two or three books at a time, most of the time. I love old books and found one in a church library recently about a missionary that was just thrilling. Every chapter began with a nugget-like quote, including this one; “Spiritual failure does not come to a man in an unexpected blowout. First there are slow leaks of disobedience which are patched up with excuses. When there are too many patches, the tire lets go!” I have seen a lot of patched up, excuse laden Christians along the roadside of life. I’ve also seen the blown tires, like alligator tails, that we often have to dodge to avoid derailing our own travel or impeding spiritual progress. To me, revivals and revivalists are like tow trucks or roadside assistance men, that help stranded, faltering, fainting travelers get moving and motivated again.
God has blessed in recent weeks with meetings and souls saved on a regular basis. Many great decisions to get back on the “road” have been recorded also. June will be very busy and I have an unusual meeting booked in northern Indiana, June 21-28, that’s right an eight day meeting! Please pray God will send revival and “patch” a tire(d) saint or two.
Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and bountiful gifts given to further the Gospel. God bless you much is my prayer.

Your brother in the bonds of grace,

Tim Green