Dear Pastor & friends,

The first day of spring in southern Ohio turned out to be a ‘white-out’!  We got about three inches of snow (that is the most we had at one time this whole winter…so far).  It is a little shocking to my old bones after being in the deep South for two weeks of preaching.  It is quite beautiful though.

A young man asked me last week what I thought was the biggest, single deterrent to revival in our churches today.  My reply was that I think it is three-fold; apathy, activity and apostasy.  I could flesh those out for you but I think you would probably agree with this assessment. We have become too busy to care and thus have digressed spiritually.  In spite of this three-headed enemy to revival, I plan to keep plowing a straight furrow in the fallow ground, and trust God for a full harvest.

Our weeks ahead are filled with several meetings of varying lengths and in many states.  I covet your prayers for these meetings; that souls would be saved and the saints encouraged to live for God.

I thank all of you who have helped me and mine in the past and pray for each of your churches and you as individuals consistently. Without the faithful help of God’s people our task would be much more difficult.  God bless each of you is my sincere desire.


Your friend & brother,


Tim Green