March 20, 2019


Dear Pastor & friends,

Jesus Christ had just spoke rather sternly to several cities that had basically rejected His message and call to repentance. In verses 28 to 30 in Matthew 11, He invited the weary to rest. He requested that they and us today, take His yoke and learn. In learning of Him and how He reacted and acted, it boils down to being meek and lowly. The term, learn of me is enlightening and endearing. What do we expect to learn from Him? I think it teaches us three simple truths; To be under the Word…doing what He says, to be under conviction…responding to His Word and, being under the load…getting involved in what matters to Him. We would all be wise to get in the harness with Him.

The Lord has blessed so far this month in meetings in North Carolina and Alabama. I will be in Michigan and Georgia before March pillows her head on the thirty-first. April, I trust will be showered with God’s blessings in meetings in Arizona and Indiana.

I am truly grateful for the help both financially and spiritually that comes from the supporters of this ministry. Your prayers, concern and giving are a constant source of encouragement to our home and work for Christ. Please pray that the power of God would be evident and active in the lives of the listeners in our meetings and that I would be obedient to the voice of God in the messages I preach. God is faithful…sometimes we are less than so…


With grace & gratitude,


Tim Green