March 15, 2016

Dear Pastor & friends,
Jesus told His disciples, upon their return from a successful evangelistic crusade, not to rejoice in the results; “…but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10:20b). I have had some meetings to be excited about and some…however, I was born again on March 15, 1970, and over these forty-six years of being a Christian and a preacher, God has let me see someone or many persons saved on or near my spiritual birthday. This past Sunday, March 13, I was preaching in Orion, MI and a man marched down the center aisle and was soon birthed into the family of God. Happy New-Birthday Tim!

God has blessed greatly in the meetings of March with souls saved and in a mission conference in Pennsylvania, with a great sum promised in a small work with a big heart!

I have also been saddened for our nation at the deaths of Justice Antonin Scalia and Mrs. Reagan. I have no idea how our country will fare without the wise conservative counsel of Mr. Scalia. Mrs. Reagan’s death feels like the passing of an era, and this is further frustrating with the fiasco of the present presidential races, and the junior high-like foolishness of the, dare I say, candidates! Our nation’s flags fly at half mast for more reasons than those apparent.

Thank you much for your continued help, support and prayers. Please pray for Sandy as she has another surgery on March 29.
Your faithful friend,
Tim Green