March Fifteen
Two Thousand Thirteen

Dear Pastor and Friends,

I am preaching in Rotorua, New Zealand, and forwarding this letter via the internet. What a day of communication we live in! I will be here preaching four days, hunt and fish a day or two, and then on to Auckland to preach, and then home for a day. Coming home from here, I arrive before I leave! What a day of fast travel we live in!

God has wondrously blessed in the meetings of the past few weeks. All five of us Green boys and dad preached at the ‘Going Green’ revival for the great Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. I hope they have recovered from all of us being there! I spoke in Loveland, Ohio the first Sunday of the month and then spoke at a ‘Prayer Conference’ in the wonderful Treasure Valley Baptist Church of Meridian, Idaho. The meeting was very helpful and blessed. I preached along with Dr. John Paisley of Pasco, Washington and Pastor Randy Mitchell of Statesville, North Carolina. The fellowship was grand! I will be preaching in Indiana and then on to Yuma, Arizona to close out the month. April is equally filled with meetings and, as always, I covet your prayers for God’s help and power.

Thank you so much for being a faithful part of what God allows me to do in His vineyards across America and around the world. Without your prayers and support I would be severely limited in what I am enabled to do for Him, Who has done so much for us all. God bless you greatly is my prayer.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green