June 28, 2022



Dear Pastor & Friends,


For a guy who is supposed to be cutting back, according to my wife, I have been very busy this past month.  I preached in Maryland, Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and then back to Florida.  The last trip to Florida was a sobering, yet rejoicing time for our family.  My brother, John’s, wife of forty-eight years, Tina Green, went Home to be with her Lord and Saviour on the 18th of this month.  She was confined to a wheel chair for nearly the entire length of the marriage, as a drunk came across the white line and she was paralyzed, nine weeks after they were married.  She was a true Christian, wonderful soloist and she will be greatly missed by all those that knew and loved her.


Sandy and I are grateful for those that support our home and ministry.  In these crazy days in which we live with soaring airfares, high prices, rioting because finally a nation has decided to stop the murdering of babies at 74,000,000, and other forms of mass lunacy…God is still on the throne of Heaven and He loves and cares for His children.  Look up dear friend, perhaps today the trump of God shall sound and we shall be Home!


I know summer is fully upon us and I pray the Lord will give you a few days of vacation with your family or mate, and His blessings abundantly will be yours.


God’s best fellow soldiers,



Tim Green