June 28, 2021



Dear Friends,


Elihu seemed to be the most significantly insightful, the most spiritually minded and the wisest counsellor during Job’s dilemma, disaster and defeat.  However, when God spoke out of the whirlwind in chapter 38, He said; “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?”  (vs. 2).  There is a lot of talk, counsel, conferences, and other trifles discussing about how to do the work of God today.  I surely don’t know, nor do I have all the answers to the myriad of ministerial and church problems that arise, but I do believe we ought to seek the old paths of prayer, fasting and seeking the fullness of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  God is not progressive or innovative, He is right, holy and just, forever has been and will be so!  Thus, His way is always best.  Not only does the fear of man bring a snare, but men…usually just mess things up!


I do thank all of you for your faithful, and perhaps at times, sacrificial support.  God has used this long-time evangelist in the month of June extensively and exhaustively!  I preached in five different states, from Wisconsin to Florida to West Virginia to Massachusetts and Georgia!  (Delta Airline customers get to go to Georgia often!). It surely was a blessing; souls were saved and I believe God did some important things in the lives of His people.


Thank you for your prayers and being a spiritual backlog to our ministry.  May God’s best always be yours.


Ever your friend in the faith,



Tim Green