June 19, 2017

Dear Pastor & church,
Many times over the years I have looked at life and the ministry with a reflective view. I have been a vigilant observer of our little niche of fundamentalism. My simple observation of recent trends and modes is that some have either missed the boat or never even made a trip to the port! In looking to be innovative and up-to-date they have forgotten or intentionally avoided what made us in the first place! The world and its ways that many have attempted to emulate and incorporate in to Old-time religion have left them with the irrelevancy that the world already has to God and His wondrous ways. May God help us to seek for the old paths that lead to right and holy living.
I have been far too busy for a recovering cancer patient. Live and learn…well at least I’m glad I’ve lived! God has saved some folk in recent meetings and one lady came to a revival in Maryland just to get saved! The pastor led her to Christ while the first hymn was being sung! I will be in Georgia by the time you get this letter and then on to Alabama, Ontario, and Michigan before July is over. I think I might need a vacation!
Sandy and I are both grateful for your help, support and prayers in these days. Our prayer is that God would bless each and every one of you in a special way in the coming days. This is no time to ‘stack arms’ or sound ‘retreat’; but a time to forge on in faith that God will reveal His mighty arm and work in our behalf.

Standing with Him in faith,

Tim Green