June 29, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,

The Lord is good and His continued presence presides like a divine buffer between the chaos of life and His peace that passes all understanding. The longer I live, the more distant I grow beyond the foolishness of American society and the reality of the Christian life. Our nation has bowed its head to immorality and bent its knee to degradation. Turned its collective back on Christian principles, and even common sense. The constitution, let alone the Bible, has been designated for the dust bin of history. Licentious legislators, jack-leg judges and an executive branch endued with evil have brought our nation to the brink of bedlam. God help America (I don’t see how He can bless this mess!)
I have preached meetings in Florida and Indiana this month of June. I just closed an eight day tent meeting and God sent a real revival of righteousness. Souls were saved also. I know we have become very busy in our land and churches; but revivals of some length beyond that of just convenience are more necessary, yea vital, then ever before. I think we have allowed the carnal in our congregations to determine our church calendars, Bible convictions and even the seeking of congregants through conversions! O, that God would again rend the heavens and send revival to our churches!
I am heartily grateful and certainly humbled by the churches and individuals that so faithfully pray and give that I may continue on the revival trail. I pray God’s best on you and your labors for our Lord.
In Christ & serving,

Tim Green