June Twenty Eight
Two Thousand Eleven

Dear Pastor & friends,
Summer is firmly upon us and vacations and outdoor activities are the rule of the day. I think all those that work ought to enjoy a vacation. Also, mowing lawns, gardens, and other “honey-do” type things take up a lot of time. God help us not to forget or forsake Him or His house.
Jesus said many interestingly intriguing things in the New Testament. One that captured my attention today is found in Matthew 6:4, and deals with secrecy. The part that really I am focused on is the response of the Father, “…thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.” His observation of our activities causes a response from Him, and an outward expression for all to see. The action perceived is that of giving and God rewards private giving in a very public manner. I guess it’s so others can see what giving will do for the giver. If we seek what He is interested in (righteousness), He will add lots of other things to our account (see Matt. 6:33).
I appreciate greatly your giving to our ministry and home. God blessed recently in a small work in Pendleton, Oregon with three souls saved. The delightful thing to me is that the new converts were continually in the services and seeking earnestly to follow God in the early days of their redemption. It was great to see and be apart of their new found faith in Christ. I preached the last full week of June in a mission’s school and was glad to be apart of several missionary families’ lives.
May God bless you and your ministry abundantly for your continued faithful help to us. I am ever grateful to God for you and yours.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green