June Twenty One
Two Thousand Ten

Dear Pastor and friends,

From Genesis to Revelation, the voice of God is recorded in holy writ and responded to (or disobeyed) by man. God still speaks and by choice, He speaks to man still. If you’re saved you know the timbre and tone of His voice as well as you know your mother’s or your best friend’s. The blessing of His voice is that He chooses to speak to us words of love , concern, care, and ofttimes, correction. You have heard His voice in the storms of life when He says, “Son, fear not.” Or in times when we need His assurance He declares, “I love you.” When we have strayed and returned, He always confronts. Then comforts us with, “Welcome home my child.” How wonderful to know and hear the voice of our Heavenly Father in the quiet recesses of the soul!
I opened June in the panhandle of Florida, and God blessed in a good meeting in a great church. I preached locally the second Sunday and today start a week at a missions school near Chattanooga. Next week I will be in meetings near New Orleans and then on to Idaho. Please breathe a prayer for these meetings when you think about it.
Thank you so much for your help especially in these summer months. It means so much to Sandy and I to know you are in “our corner.” God bless you much is our prayer.

Listening to His voice,

Tim Green