July 29, 2023


Dear Pastor & friends,


Most of you will recall readily the story of Jesus delivering the two devil possessed Gadarenes in Matthew 8.  However, the attitude of the ‘whole city’ could be often forgotten, their cry was basically, “Get out of town!”  We live in a day when you, your church, your ministry; are really not welcome in the wicked towns and villages where you minister, trying to rescue the perishing and care for the dying!  As an evangelist for nearly half a century I recognize the ambivalence, disdain and total lack of concern that has spread over our cities, towns, neighborhoods and the places we interact with daily.  The enemy of men’s souls has a firm grip from government to the playground.  May the dear Lord give us some victory through the precious blood of Christ and the overcoming power of same.


I preached in Georgia, Tennessee (two places) and Iowa the last three weeks.  There were some victories, some defeats and some saved.  God knows we are in a battle for souls to be saved and Christians to step up to the front in the battle of the ages.  Friends, we are on the winning side!!


Thank you for your prayers for my wife and I, we are grateful to God for the loved ones and churches that help us in the God-given work we have been entrusted with; God bless you all is my prayer.


In Christ & secure,



Tim Green