July 30, 2022


Dear Pastor & Friends,


July has been a busy month and the last couple of meetings have been very fruitful in regard to souls being saved.  In regard to the truth ‘fruit that remains’ I was in a church in Toledo recently and a man came up to me and told how he was saved in a meeting, I think in Illinois, many years ago during a revival I preached.  The fact that God is still saving sinners and keeps them saved, I pray God will not only bless this evangelist with souls in the days ahead, but also bless abundantly your church and your personal lives with souls being won to Christ.  The wise man said; “…he that winneth souls is wise.”


I thank each individual and church that gives, and some sacrificially to the work of the evangelist and the winning of souls to Christ.  I pray God will richly bless each of you and His kind hand of grace will be your portion.  You are loved and prayed for by this preacher.


Month to month, year to year and decade to decade (now almost 50 years) I have been preaching revival meetings in our country and scores of countries around the world (I feel my globe-trotting days are over) so I sincerely ask for your prayers for health, safety and a sound mind to continue doing what God has called me to do in His vineyard.  You are the backlog of what God has assigned for me, and I pray I could finish my course with joy!


In faith believing & abiding,



Tim Green