July 17, 2017
Dear Pastor & friends,
Since my last letter I have preached four straight weeks in three states and one province. In Ontario and Michigan the last two weeks, I was preaching in ‘nature’; a 1940’s preaching shed and a canvas tent! I am thanking God for the guy that invented air-conditioning! I don’t know how those old guys did it! Preaching two and three times a day in the heat and humidity about did me in! I am home for two weeks and hope to get some rest and get Nov/Dec of the Baptist Bread to the printer. So much for the rest part… By the way, I will see my radiologist physician on the twenty-seventh and get an assessment of how successful the treatments in January-March were for my cancer. Please pray and know that this single servant of God is perfectly satisfied with His will.
Thank you much to our faithful supporters and to those who pray for us daily. The dear Lord knows we need your intercession in our behalf and we are grateful.
I will be speaking in Michigan at my father’s retirement festivities in two weeks. He will have completed sixty-two years as pastor at Parker Memorial and nearly 70 years in full-time pastoral ministry. He is of the old school and a vanishing breed of fundamentalists. From what I keenly observe, there are not many left of his ilk, and God knows we needs some to step up and man their posts in a manner as men did in the past. This new stuff, styles and sermonizing ain’t workin’! May God give us grit, grace and guts to stand against the ungodliness and compromise of our day and hour. May the Holy Ghost have His way in our lives…to God’s glory!

Yours for old-time religion,

Tim Green