July Twenty Two
Thousand Ten

Dear Pastor and friends,

Jesus had fed five thousand and four thousand respectively, and had also warned His disciples about the leaven of the Pharisees. Murmuring among themselves, they had confused bread with beliefs, sustenance with spiritual reality, and food with “the faith.” Christ confronted them with this query, “How is it that ye do not understand?” (Mark 8:21).
We live in a confusing hour. Many of God’s good people are being clouded by compromise and coerced into a conviction-less existence. These days are desperate with political intrigue and an unprecedented move away from our spiritual, ethical, and sensible moorings. How is it that you don’t understand the times and the seasons? Friend look up, our redemption draws nigh. It may be by the crushing blow of the enemy or the resounding shout of our Redeemer, but we are going to a far better place- Jesus is coming soon!
I thank each and every supporter of our work for Christ and pray God will continue to bless in the meetings. I am around home for a few days next month and also go to Spain on a missions trip. However, the “big event” of August is Sandy and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary! I have been telling her the 40th is the paperclip or the cardboard anniversary- but she ain’t buying it! Hey, I really need your help next month!

God bless you all!

Yours in His service,

Tim Green