July Twenty

Two Thousand Nine

Dear Friends,

Thank you much for your kind and timely support of our home and ministry. Sandy and I are grateful to God that He has touched our lives through your generosity. May His eternal blessings be yours is our prayer.

Our Poor nation seems to be constantly rocked and shaken by one terrible decision, new edict, and unfortunate moral decision after another. We are on a slippery slope to socialism, and the America of my youth is a fading memory. Thankfully, my hope does not reel to and fro on the winds of change, but my faith is firmly entrenched in the verities of His eternal Word. My confidence in Christ never wavers, and my eyes are on the eastern skies, awaiting His return!

I am in Michigan this week and travel to Indiana, Alaska, and Florida in the month of August. God has blessed in our meetings faithfully, and I look with anticipation at every altar call for the next example of His grace being displayed. Sometimes I don’t see what I’d like to see by way of response; however, I know God is working as souls are saved and lives are changed in a way that brings glory to God.

God bless you all!

In the Saviour’s scarred hand,

Tim Green