January 24, 2018

Dear Pastor & friends,
Well, we have sure “enjoyed” some of winter’s best or worst this season (maybe I should have used the word “endured”). While preaching in Florida recently they experienced the coldest temperatures of the year! I was blamed for bringing the frigid weather with me in my suitcase! Anyway, only a few more weeks and hopefully…the flowers will be blooming.
I am grateful to God for a busy preaching schedule and God’s evident help and grace in preaching. I have spoken in five different churches in the past three weeks and know the Lord used some of the messages in some of the listener’s lives. The work is God’s work and He knows best and uses His servants in sowing the seed that falls on various soils of receptivity (Matt. 13:1-9).
My heart is continually consumed with appreciation for the churches and individuals that are led of God to support our labors in His vineyard. I pray fruit will abound to our mutual accounts (Phil. 4:17).
I have been bombarded in recent months with many of my preacher friends who have suffered through great trials and adversity. Adversity helps us to realize our need of Christ and the depth or intensity of, the problem hastens our call to Him, and results in the prompt response of His grace. It also instructs us in the sparkling truth, that His grace is sufficient!

In Him & rejoicing,

Tim Green