January 23, 2017


Dear Pastor & friends,

Thank you so very much for your faithful and considerate support of our labor in the Lord over these many years.  Some of you have given since we started in evangelism four decades ago.  In the last year, three churches have commenced supporting our home and work.  Yes, I’ve lost a few supporters over the years, but too few to mention.  God has been good to Sandy and me, and He has used you to be a great encouragement and constant source of help in doing the work our Saviour has assigned to this servant.  I am His happy slave!

I closed 2016 in Loveland, Ohio and started the New Year with meetings in Florida, Mississippi and back home.  God’s Spirit moved wonderfully in these meetings.

Going through life we have many opportunities to prove that God’s grace is sufficient.  I have friends in recent days that have buried a grandchild and others that have lost a mate to Heaven’s fair land.  Life is filled with difficulties and trials but our Lord is capable of getting us through the worst of the worst, and making it seem like the best of the best.  Personally I covet your prayers in the next couple of months for me and mine, and some health issues that we face.  Please know that I covet your prayers and thank you in advance for your faithfulness to pray.


Yours through the grace of God,



Tim Green