February 22, 2023



Dear Pastor & friends,


Earlier this month I was privileged to preach a week-long meeting in a church in Louisiana that I had not preached at in forty years!  Kind of tells you how ancient I am getting and resounds with the fact, the Calvary Baptist Church of Jennings, is still preaching the Gospel and reaching folk with the Word’s might and power.  I close February in Virginia and start March in South Carolina.  March and April are filled with meetings and I trust they will result in real revivals and many souls will come to Christ.


Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and visible support.  Prayers meet our spiritual needs and the other our material necessities.  God has always been faithful.  By the way, I celebrated my 47th year of preaching revival meetings this month.  My first meeting was at White Plains Baptist Church in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  I was just a kid preacher, God’s people worked and the Holy Ghost moved wondrously in men’s lives.  Twenty-four people were saved and twenty-one were baptized—those were the days!  I still believe God can do it again and again and again…!!



May God’s best blessings be yours,




Tim Green, Evangelist