February 24, 2021



Dear Pastor & friends,


Well, February 2021 has just about dwindled down into the dustbin of life.  The days of our lives are held firmly in the hand of God and His divine will is all one should even consider seeking after.  Sometimes we are on the mountain tops and other times in the depths of dark valleys, however, never alone for He is with us each step of the way.  I have been His child for nearly 51 years and His wonderful salvation and abiding grace are treasures beyond one’s imagination.  I believe only Heaven will reveal all that we had and have in Christ Jesus.  Praise His Name!


I preached a week-long mission conference near Mobile, Alabama and beyond the blessings of God in the services and the money raised for missions; the seafood, warm weather and great fellowship made it a trip to remember.  The church was gracious enough to invite Sandy and we never even had one argument!  Monumental!  We don’t ever have fights, just some very intense fellowship at times!!  (How do you put those smiley faces here?).  I then went to northern Michigan for a week of revival with Bro. Russel Tharp and his wonderful ministry.  God worked in the meeting and I even got to stay another day due to the weather…it was nothing like Mobile!!!  Lots of white stuff and single digit temperatures!  I am working hard this week getting the May-June issue of the Baptist Bread ready for printing.  If you have a moment, please pray for these arthritic fingers of mine to keep on working.


Sandy and I are eternally grateful for your support, both materially and spiritually.  I know many of you pray for us daily and only eternity will tell of the lasting impact of your intercession in our behalf.  God bless you much.


In Christ & rejoicing,



Tim Green