February 24, 2016

Dear Pastor & friends,
In I Peter 1:13, the apostle discusses the grace that has been brought to us and revealed in Christ. Because of this amazing gift of God’s grace we are to be obedient children of God “…not fashioning…” ourselves according to our past lives. We are to be holy—period! (vss. 14-16). I noticed in reading James an interesting phrase; “…the grace of the fashion…” (James 1:11). I am often saddened to see church members, fellow preachers and others giving in to the fashions (read culture) of our day. Some are permanently imprinting themselves, wearing earrings where they don’t have ears and plainly giving into a societal transformation that is drifting toward Sodom and Gomorrah at jet-age speed! We are not to conform to this world, but confront this culture with sane, sensible, godly, Bible living. The grace that we have been afforded is not proffered so we can become a disgrace, but that we would deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, anticipating the return of our Lord (see Titus 2:11-13).
I would like to thank all of you that have prayed for Sandy and those that have helped us financially during this experience with her cancer. God has been faithful to supply His sufficient grace in vast quantity! What else would a child of God expect?!
This month of February has kept me close to home and her side. The next couple of months I will be on the evangelistic trail extensively. Please pray for us as we endeavor to do the will of God. Sandy faces a couple more surgeries and I ask you to pray for those. From grateful hearts we remain…
His satisfied servants,

Tim Green
P.S. My dear dad, Dr. D. L. Green, needs your prayers due some serious health issues resulting from a recent fall.