February 20, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,
It was the last and great day of the feast and a priest was pouring water from the pool of Siloam into the hole by the altar. All Israel was present and the choir was singing Psalms 113-118. Jesus Christ stood and cried amidst the crowd, “…If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.” (John 7:37). He was proclaiming his Messiah-ship and inviting men to know the water of life that never fails! Thankfully God has brought us the well of salvation and has satisfied the longing of our soul. The task before us is to bring that life giving flow to the lives of the lost.
I want to thank you for your gracious giving of the past month. I preached in Taiwan for the first two weeks of this month and God blessed wonderfully in the salvation of souls, stirring of the saints and encouraging the missionaries. I don’t know if I have ever experienced a more gracious and cooperative group of diverse mission families in my life. It was refreshing.
I pray the dear Lord will bless you all in your labors for Him. Next month is busy with meetings and I trust a real move of God in the lives of the listeners. It seems trite to say, but with the arctic blasts that much of America has endured, stay warm. By the way, my fingers are nearly frozen as I type this while the furnace men put in a new furnace at our house. Wouldn’t you know it would quit on the coldest day of the year…9 below this morning!! Hey, spring is just around the corner. Thank God!

Your companion in grace,
Tim Green