August 24, 2023



Dear Pastor & friends,



The following verse has often intrigued me; “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Jeremiah 8:20. I think it is often used in regard to the lost not being reached in time, and rightfully so.  Sometimes it is thought of as the summer is over, the harvest is in and here comes winter, that too, is appropriate.  However, I thought of it this way today.  In the verses that bookend this verse, 19 & 21, it seems like it might be talking to God’s people.  There are those in the far country (ala the prodigal son), those that have provoked the Lord with idol worship and etc.; and Jeremiah is hurt and astonished by what God’s people have done.  From my humble perch, I am often astounded by the frailties of some Christians, the heartbreaks of some pastors and the general malaise that seems to have infected multiplied thousands in our churches.  If we ever needed revival, real revival in our churches it is today!  To that end, I continue my labors in the field God has given me to work, so with hoe (Bible) in hand and the prayers of God’s saints I stay on the trail.


I thank each and every one that gives and prayers for me, Sandy and the road I travel.  I am still seeking sinners, winning a few and feeling the warm coals of revival from church to church.  I will be in Indiana, Maryland and Ohio in September and I covet your prayers!


God bless you much,



Tim Green