August 23, 2016


Dear Pastor and friends,

Three Baptist preachers had been indicted for preaching, and as the horseman tethered his horse he heard the words—“…for preaching the Gospel of the Son of God.”  The lawyer had ridden over fifty miles to the court house to defend this trio of trumpeters of the truth.  Eloquently he defended these men of God and the prosecuting attorney was stricken with fear and the judge proclaimed; “Sheriff, discharge those men!”  Thus, did Patrick Henry win the day!

We live on the precipice of a pathetic day of renewed antagonism for the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Judges, attorneys and the federal government are not favorable for the old time preaching of the Gospel of grace. May God help us to pray, fast and seek His face in view of the coming election.  Sadly, I see no Patrick Henry’s, George Washington’s or men of their ilk on the ticket of either party.  As a nation we have turned our back on God and even though tragedy saturates our States, churches and homes no one seems interested in repenting.  May God have mercy on this undeserving land is my prayer.

I am grateful to all of you that help to support our home and ministry in these days.  God gives us a measure of harvest in meeting after meeting, and I am humbly grateful to Him for using someone like me.  I think that when He does use sorry servants like yours truly, it guarantees that He will get all the deserved glory.

My fall schedule is comfortably full and I have a few preachers and their churches I am still endeavoring to find a few days in which to accommodate.   Thank you so much for your prayers for Sandy and me.  I remain..


Your brother in the hope of Christ’s soon return,


Tim Green