August Nineteen
Two Thousand Ten

Dear Pastor and friends,

I am writing this letter just before going to Spain and preaching for a few days. I am grateful to God for the amazing doors He has opened for this preacher over these nearly forty years of preaching His wonderful Word. The ministry God has entrusted me with is nothing that I take for granted, and I humbly bow before Him in admiration and praise.
Last Sunday, I preached the fifty-fifth anniversary service for my father at Parker Memorial in Lansing. It was a great privilege and grand experience. Sandy and I also celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary this month! She deserves a medal!!
Our fall schedule is packed full up to the holidays. I praise God for that fact as well. I covet your prayers and thank you heartily for your support of our ministry for the Saviour. I am able to see souls saved regularly in the meetings, and many Christians seem to be making some spiritual strides as well.
I trust you are praying for our country and the direction we are going. I fear, as many do, we are heading for deep waters and need God to intervene in our behalf and for His glory. No nation that has forgotten and forsaken God to the extent we have has prospered.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for your love and friendship.

Yours for the journey,

Tim Green