August Twenty Four

Two Thousand Nine

Dear Pastor and friends,

One old evangelist from the past used to talk about crisscrossing America in his preaching like a young boy plowing a field behind his father’s mules. I thought of that as I flew home from a meeting in Barrow, Alaska, heading for another just north of Jacksonville, Florida–now that’s a long furrow! If the Lord didn’t schedule my itinerary I might tend to complain a little about the mileage. By the way, the meeting in Alaska was especially blessed with the pastor’s boyhood friend being born again in one of the services, along with other salvations and spiritual decisions.

Now that summer is over, the busy days of harvest begin in the field of evangelism. I am looking forward to continual meetings until nearly Thanksgiving. I pray as the plow is plunged into the fallow ground of men’s lives that revival will be the ultimate result. Pray with me that the Lord of the harvest will reap mightily in the fields I am assigned to work.

Thank you for being an integrally vital part in this ministry with your faithful support. Your help is the difference between success and failure in many avenues of our home and work. Your giving means so much more to me as within days of this writing I reach the ripe old age of three-score, and realize I have spent more than half my life on the road seeking revival, souls for the Saviour, and glory to His name!

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green