April Twenty-Three
Two Thousand Twelve

Dear Pastor and Friends,
Isaiah was contemporary to Hezekiah, and his 33rd chapter corresponds with the conflict Judah’s king had with Assyria’s sovereign in II Kings 18. The victory belonged to God in the final summation of things. In Isaiah 33:16, three great provisions are mentioned; the place of defense in the rocks, the bread and sure waters. All of these are promised to those who dwell on high. We feeble folk, like the conies, find our refuge in the rock (cf. Prov. 30:26). Those of us that are hungry satisfy ourselves on the fresh bread from the Lord’s bakery and slake our thirst at the artesian fountain of living water. Now my friends, that ought to cause us to fly to the mountain top of the Almighty!
A dear woman brought a friend to a meeting this past month and salvation came to the heart of the lady visitor. May God give us more church folk with the compassion and Christian spirit to bring their loved ones to hear preaching. “Faith cometh by hearing…” It still works to witness and bring people to church and ultimately the Saviour.
Thank you for your faithful help and earnest prayers. I am in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and back to Florida in the next month. My steps may be a little slower, but they still tread the path of revival and reaching the lost.
God be with you all is my fervent and continuous prayer!
Your companion in grace,

Tim Green