April 28, 2021


Dear Pastor & friends,


The toils of the day keep us pressing on until ‘Pay Day.’  The reward for the faithful servant of God is not the fading wealth of this world, but the hard currency of a ‘Well Done’ from our Saviour’s lips.  As a Christian we must maintain our testimony, witness for Christ in the desire to see people saved and set our affections on the eternals of Heaven.


I am grateful and Sandy joins me in thanking all of you that help us so substantially to keep on the evangelism trail.  I preached meetings in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Texas this month, and will be in Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland in May.  Two or three weeks of meetings is about all this 70+ year old body of mine can handle any more.  Last Sunday, the 25th I experienced two wonderful and very diverse conversions in a church in Texas.  Sunday night a lady, somewhere my age, walked in the entrance, about five feet from where I was standing and announced she came to get saved!  And she did!!  God is still in the saving business!


May God greatly bless each church and individual that helps us in our labors for the Lord is my prayer.



Rejoicing in His grace,




Tim Green