April 24, 2019


Dear Pastor & friends,

In Job 1:1, it is said of this man that he was perfect. In James 3:2, the Bible says that a perfect man is one that can bridle his body and not offend in word. The Word of God does not say that he is sinless but perfect. There is quite a difference between perfection and never sinning. In Colossians 4:12 we are told that we can be perfect and complete in the will of God. I believe these must be attainable goals for the child of God. In baseball a pitcher can pitch a complete game and also a perfect game. One he may give up hits, runs, walks, errors made and etc. In a perfect game there would be no hits, no errors, no walks; twenty-seven batters up and the same amount down. Perhaps our goals should be a little higher than they are…just thinking.

Since last month I have been sick with an upper respiratory flu that knocked me down for almost three weeks. The last couple of weeks in March were very busy and I think I picked up the plague somewhere! This past week I preached in Arizona and had a real revival spirit in the meeting. I will be in Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina and West Virginia in the next couple of weeks. I earnestly covet your prayers.

I do thank all of you that have a part in our ministry and pray for you daily. God bless you much for your faithfulness is my prayer.


His grateful servant,


Tim Green

P.S. Find enclosed a brochure concerning the Servant’s Retreat on Mackinac Island. This is a great time of blessing and refreshing for pastors, staff or anyone. The island is a beautiful place with a historic past and present grandeur.