April 21, 2015

Dear Pastor & friends,
Finally some decent weather accompanied by green grass, budding trees and flowers! I even got bit by a snake while pulling dandelions in the flower beds last week! Yes, spring has arrived. I can do without the serpents though!
I am in a three-day revival about 10 miles from home and Sunday four walked the aisle for salvation and made professions of faith in Christ. It seemed to revive and energize the church and I suppose they really need revival, just like most churches in America today. I was in Arizona earlier this month and also another church in Ohio. I will close out the month in Kentucky. I am thankful to be busy in the Lord’s work and count it a great privilege to be a contented, happy slave to the Master.
It is always a joy to write these little updates each month and keep you, our faithful supporters apprised as to what we are doing and where God has sent us. I am forever thankful to you for your monetary help and constantly feel the effects of your prayers in our behalf. I pray God will continue to bless you and yours in your place of service. Without your help it would be nigh unto impossible to accomplish half of what is on my plate. Thank you seems trite, but it my case it is from the depths of my heart. Sandy joins me in gratitude and best wishes.
“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.”
Philemon 1:25

Your faithful friend in Christ,

Tim Green