May Twenty Five

Two Thousand Nine

Dear Pastor and friends,

Oswald Chambers said in his book Shade of His Hand, “If a man cannot prove his religion in the valley, it is not worth anything.” A brand of Christianity that will not stand up in the midst of storms, circumstances, and outright tragedy is hardly worth mentioning. God furthers and grows our spiritual lives, not in spite of circumstances, but in and by them. May God give us all the grace and strength to stand the tests and endure the hardness as good soldiers (II Tim.2:3). I don’t know when I have experienced a month with more human tragedies and debilitating problems being experienced by God’s people in my small sphere of influence. We are constantly being reminded to pray one for another.

God sent us to Pennsylvania the first of the month of May and revival was the order of the day! I thank the dear Lord that He still wants to move among His people and will continue to send revival to those who want it and are willing to pay the price. I have been in North Carolina and Florida in recent days, and look forward to a few days at home. However, I don’t revel in the all the “honey-do” stuff around here!

Thank you so much for your continued help and support of our home and work. Sandy and I truly grateful to God for all of you who have a part in our lives. May the Lord richly bless you all.

Your companion in grace,

Tim Green