September Seventeen

Two Thousand Twelve

Dear Pastor and Friends,

          Our old world seems to be rocking and reeling under continued and sundry attacks on our sovereign soil in embassies around the globe.  The lack of leadership in our country is deplorable and its ostrich-like approach to the problem reprehensible.  To play on a past president’s words, “We ought to talk less and brandish our might!”  The cowardice of the Muslim terrorists is only trumped by their diabolical doctrines of devils.  I am still a flag-waving American and love our country, even though she is not what she used to be.  May God bless America again and may we repent humbly before Him!  God still reigns!

          September began with a good meeting in Pennsylvania and I am in Virginia this week, and Illinois the next.  I trust the Lord will send a fresh breeze of revival blessings in these services.  We are at the crossroads of revival for survival!

          Thank you so much for ministering to our material needs as a home and ministry in such a tangible way.  Your prayers also buttress the labors for our Lord, which are the focus of my days.  God bless you for your faithfulness.

Yours for revival,

Tim Green

Tim Green