September 26, 2020




Dear Pastor & friends,



Well, it has been good to get re-acquainted with my luggage in the last few weeks.  It was a little disconcerting getting back into the ‘swing’ of things.  On top of all that, my darling, Delta decided to quit paying for my TSAPrePass!  What a delight to remove my shoes, sport coat, belt and false teeth…well, not the latter, before getting in the airport.  I do still have CLEAR and went to the front of the line, which means I was first to disrobe!  O, the trials of life and the trail of tears!


The meetings in Indiana, Alabama and Illinois were all wonderfully blessed of God and I am truly grateful to get back on the road!  Your prayers are earnestly coveted by this evangelist.


Thank you for your faithful support during this strange and somewhat difficult of times.  Almost without exception, every preacher I have talked to has rejoiced in how God has blessed the finances in their respective churches.  When we give—God gives! (cf. Luke 6:38).  I am blessed and grateful to be in God’s service and bound with your heart in the Lord’s work.



God bless you all abundantly,




Tim Green