September 20, 2018


Dear Pastor & friends,

Two disconsolate, disillusioned and discouraged disciples slowly walked the eight miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Somewhere along the way, a stranger sidled up beside them and listened to the news of the day, that he feigned no knowledge of and seemed unaware of what had taken place. He listened to their sad story and then gave them an in depth overview of the prophecies concerning what had transpired. Arriving at their residence, He “…made as though he would have gone further.” (Lk. 24:28). They constrained Him to join them and in the breaking of bread and praying, they became conscious of Who He was! And He vanished! There are two thoughts I’d like you to consider: One, Jesus has much further to take all of us than perhaps we imagine. Two, none of us have seen Him with the naked eye, but the eye of faith sees with supernatural 20/20 vision. Remember, Jesus said to doubting Thomas; “…blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29).

Our revival trail is strewn with interesting anecdotes, folks getting things right with God, valued fellowship and souls being saved. I can humbly rejoice with the great apostle; “…I thank Christ Jesus our Lord…that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;” (I Tim. 1:12). Also, I thank you for helping me stay in the work God has assigned to this grateful child of God. Your prayers and generosity are the visible and invisible cords binding our hearts. God bless you all is my prayer.

Praising God always,


Tim Green