September 21, 2016


Dear Pastor & church,

Galatians 6:7 & 8 are probably the two most definitive verses on the law of sowing and reaping in the Word of God.  I was preaching in Arkansas several years ago and right next to the hotel was a strange cemetery.  The most obvious ‘headstone’ was a 1949 pickup truck!  A man bought it and died soon after the purchase and made the request that he be buried with his truck!  He was!  Trees and weeds had grown up and out the doors and windows, it was an eyesore really.  Trucks and inanimate objects like that, though planted, do not reproduce or reap anything.  Seeds, bulbs and other matter with life will reproduce.  Verse 8 deals with the sowing of the flesh in contrast to the sowing of the Spirit.  Life begets life, whether spiritual or carnal.  What you sow is obviously what you will reap, just a thought to consider.

I am in the midst of three back to back meetings and looking for the blessings of God in each one.  God has been good and the days ahead are also virtually filled with revivals and some conference work.  Please pray that God will give us revival and secure the salvation of lost souls.

Sandy and I want to thank each of you that have regularly supported our home and work in these last ten months, and also, an especial thank you to those who have helped with the doctor, hospital, medications and etc. that we have encountered.  God has supplied our needs and Sandy’s prognosis is very positive.  May the dear Lord bless every one of you is my fervent prayer.


Sowing in hope,



Tim Green