September Twenty Two
Two Thousand Nine
Dear Pastor and friends,
At this writing I am involved in The Old Paths Camp Meeting in Elgin, Illinois. My dear friend, Dr. Keith Gomez, is the host pastor, and God blessed mightily in the opening services. The initial services have been focused on the fire of God and holy living. The messages are definitely redirecting God’s people to The Old Paths.
Thank you so much for your faithfulness in supporting our work and labors for Christ. Earlier in the month, I preached a meeting in South Georgia. A lady was saved on Sunday morning that had had a dream that she had died and faced God. She was confronted in her dream with her lost condition. That invitation she nearly flew down the aisle and was born into the family of God. By the way, she only missed a service or two the rest of the week.
I covet your prayers in the days ahead as the battle is engaged on several fronts; evangelism, mission trips, our devotional (Baptist Bread), and seeking real revival in the churches God opens doors for me to enter.
From the depths of my heart I thank you.
Your companion in grace,
Tim Green