October 24, 2017

Dear Pastor & friends,
Zophar, one of the erstwhile friends of Job, remarked in Job 20:3; “I have heard the check of my reproach,…” This is the only time this word check is used in our Bible that I am aware of, and it has an interesting theme. It was a warning or advisement in regard to what he was about to say. Kind of like all of us who have driver’s license and are speeding 15-20 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, and we see a familiar car (whatever color or make in your state or town), and immediately we let off on the gas and sheepishly slow down. Thus, becoming so righteous! It is like when we are about to say something, do something or get involved in something and the Spirit of God “checks” us. It is wise to back off, slow down and heed our divine Guide and esteemed Comforter. Grieving and/or quenching Him is not wise or spiritually productive.
I did the unthinkable the three meetings I preached this month—I drove to all of them! One each in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, and yes I was “checked” a couple of times or ten! Never stopped, even though I probably deserved to be…confession is good for the soul!
Thank you much for your faithful help and continued prayers for God’s guidance, care and the spiritual success in the meetings and travel. Things slow down a little bit as the holidays approach in the next two months, but I will be flying to most all of the meetings. The highways will be safer with me not on them.
God has been good to me to give me friends like you. Sandy and I are both grateful to Him for you and yours.
God’s best,

Tim Green